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Volume 67, Issue 12
May 18, 2003
Iyar 5763





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Volume 67, Issue 12

Academic Standards Committee Nixes Retroactive Shiur Credit
by Ari Fridman

On Monday, May 12, in what students are considering the reversal of a longstanding, de facto policy, the Yeshiva College faculty unanimously voted to eliminate the awarding of retroactive academic credit for Jewish Studies classes taken in BMP and MYP.  The vote followed a recent Academic Standards Committee (ASC) suggestion to this effect.

Schachter Wins a Contentious Election
by Chaim Orent and Commentator Staff

On April 10, the Yeshiva student body elected Yisrael “Yummy” Schachter as a write-in candidate for Yeshiva Student Union (YSU) President and chose officials for the other student governmental organizations. This year’s campaign was marred by shifting electoral tickets, spiteful campaign tactics, and the formation of polarized political camps.  Moreover, the YSU canvassing committee, responsible for policing the campaign, this time was unable to rein in the harshness and indiscretions. As Gennady Gelman, co-chair of the canvassing committee, summed it up: “If in most elections the candidates attempt to win, in this one they expended all their efforts trying to make the others lose.” Another student leader reflected, “This was a very, for lack of a better word, dirty election.”

New Student Bill of Rights to Take Effect in Fall
Checks and Balances a Priority

by Alan Goldsmith

Two weeks ago, the Yeshiva Undergraduate Disciplinary Committee finalized two major documents that will have ramifications for Yeshiva students for years to come: the Undergraduate Student Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, and the Student Disciplinary Procedures. The two documents promise to provide Yeshiva students with what they are entitled to and what they are responsible for as undergraduates, and the repercussions thereof.

Town Hall Meeting on Cheating
Another Attempt to Stem the Tide

by Michael Rosman

Yeshiva tried something new last week in its continuing effort to limit the pervasive cheating that has been plaguing the Wilf Campus.  On May 5, a town hall meeting entitled “Cheating by a Yeshiva Student: A Contradiction in Terms?” was moderated by Assistant Professor of Psychology David Rettinger, who advertised the night’s goal as the need “to bring to the table the major issues regarding the topic of academic integrity.”

New Editors Bring Strong Arm Forte
by Commentator Staff

Seeking to uphold a longstanding Commentator tradition, the Governing Board of The Commentator has again elected two editors-in-chief for Volume 68:  Commie Features Editor Jamie Hirsch and Commie Arts and Culture Editor Tzvi Kahn.  The Governing Board reached their decision early Friday morning, May 16, after lengthy deliberation and debate.


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