The Commentator
Volume 62 Issue 4



Rosen Resigns

David Rosen, Director of the Yeshiva University Department of Public Relations and the “Man behind the Message” of the University for the last four years, has announced his resignation. His departure for one of the preeminent public relations firms in New York, Howard Rubenstein and Associates, promises to leave a sizable void at the helm of YUPR.

Death Threats E-mailed to College Professors

Nearly three weeks of quiet confusion mixed with fear came to an end last week as YU security announced that they had uncovered the identity of a student who had been sending death threats to professors via e-mail.

Attempted Burglary Causes Concern Among IHP Residents

The attempted burglary of an Independent Housing Program (IHP) apartment underscored student concerns that security efforts effected by the University to its fledgling emergency housing program are inadequate. The incident occurred on Sunday, September 14, in an apartment at 475 186th Street The apartment is a University-controlled studio occupied by Josh Muskat, Yossi Mosak, Benjamin Balint, and Alex Usdan.

Caf Under OU Supervision

In an effort to raise the standards of kashrus to a higher level, YU has secured the services of the Orthodox Union to supervise the cafeteria at each of the university’s four campuses. A brief statement issued by the Office of Supporting Services stated that, “The University has arranged for the Orthodox Union to assist in kashrut supervision of its food service operations at all four New York City campuses.”

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