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Klein, Traiman Elected Commentator Editors

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The future of The Commentator

By Commentator Staff

For the sixth time in seven years, two people will share the helm of this newspaper. Late Monday night, the Governing Board of The Commentator elected Aaron Klein and Alex Traiman, the current News Editor and Layout Editor respectively, Co-Editors-in-Chief for Volume 64.

Aaron Klein is an IBC/YC Junior from Philadelphia, PA, where he attended Torah Academy Boys High School and graduated from a class of five. The oldest of ten children, Klein knows what it's like to be part of one big, happy family.

Klein joined the staff of The Commentator during his first year on campus, and has contributed to every edition since. In September 1998, Klein was promoted to Associate News Editor and continued to report on matters of significance to the University community including student security, genetic testing, dorm overcrowding, and various student council concerns. Klein was recently promoted again to News Editor.

This year, Klein has also served students in his capacity as IBC Student Council Vice President. In this capacity, Klein was responsible for carrying out such diplomatic actions as ordering twice as many IBC hats as necessary, planning the Chanukah luncheon, and "telling Shirley off once and for all."

Klein is currently completing a novel, The Ghetto Theatre, which has garnered the editorial services of famous playwright and Doubleday Executive, Robin Swados. In response to the many questions that have been raised regarding the storyline of his book, Klein clarified, "this novel may or may not be an account of my experience acting in the Fall 1998 production of Ghetto for the Yeshiva College Dramatics Society."

Klein is currently a Biology major, but he has decided against medical school and thus will be switching to English this Fall as he now plans to pursue a career in writing. Additionally, Klein is the first YU student ever to volunteer at Harlem Hospital, where he interns every Friday with renowned surgeon Dr. Malcolm Molley.

When asked if he plans to maintain the general philosophy of the current Commentator staff, Klein responded, "I am not particularly attracted to goats, but I have nothing against them at this time." He proceeded, "This publication will continue to respectably uphold its sacred charge of defending the rights of the student populace. We will continue as the defining voice of student interest. The Commentator will report thoroughly on all matters of import to the University community."

Alex Traiman, affectionately known as Gus, is a SSSB sophomore majoring in marketing. Traiman hails from Marlboro, New Jersey, a town approximately fifty-five minutes south of YU and forty minutes south at 3am. In Marlboro, Traiman attended Marlboro High School, where he was first introduced to journalism as a staff writer and photographer at that school's esteemed paper, The Hitching Post.

Following his completely secular education, Traiman decided to pursue a Jewish education at the only first tier university that could provide one. The rest is YU history.

Traiman is a second year starting fencer on YU's conference champion epee squad. He is the public address announcer for Macabee basketball, as well as the founder and commissioner of YU's intramural flag football league. Traiman joined The Commentator staff during the spring of 1998, his second semester on campus, as Assistant Layout Editor. Traiman ascended to The Commentator's Governing Board as Layout Editor later that semester.

Traiman has been dedicated to excellence during his tenure on the Governing Board. Cutting down on visual errors, Traiman has made The Commentator more aesthetically pleasing. As Layout Editor, Traiman has been responsible for all aspects of the paper's production. His first notable accomplishment came in the final edition of Volume 62 of the paper. Issue 11, the commemorative Israel at 50 edition was considered by many to be a layout triumph. Sporting a bright blue front page headline and a special eight page pullout section featuring hundreds of photographs and a distinctive layout, the issue was considered a major success on all fronts.

With the beginning of Volume 63 came a complete layout overhaul and upgrade. The layout changes represented a brilliant effort to modernize The Commentator for the turn of the twenty-first century. As a result, The Commentator has become one of the most aesthetically pleasing college newspapers in the nation.

In addition to his work as Layout Editor, Traiman has served as a regular columnist and an occasional staff writer for the paper. Reporting on such stories as the facilities management 1199 contract disputes, Traiman has fortified his ability to report news in a quality fashion. His column, Gus's Corner, has become a popular favorite with the student body.

When asked if he plans to maintain the general philosophy of the current Commentator staff, Traiman responded, "I don't know big words. I hope Aaron does." Traiman later added, "I look forward to broadening the scope of The Commetator next year while maintaining the depth that has made Volume 63 such a success."

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